Cody Beach

Hello My Name is Cody Beach My older sister was 7 years old when she had her first seizure. At age 13 she had a magnet put inside her and was seizure free until this past August when she passed away from a seizure while she was sleeping. She was in a group home when she was 17 years old and lived there until she passed away. She was a kind hearted and miss understood. Watching my sister grow up with seizure and at random at anytimes was really hard. To this day I can still remember where we where at when she had her seizures. My sister being seizure free as we got older I didn’t look at seizures being a in packed and I just lived my life. When she passed away it just hit me what should have I done and everything else that goes through your mind when someone close to you passes. If I could help someone or give awareness letting people know epilepsy is out there and it could be someone you might know or give knowledge of first aid with epilepsy. I wasn’t there for my sister as I got older with joining the military and after. Of course I wish I could take it all back and be more close with her but I can’t but me being apart of something she had and I could help someone I’m going to try my best. Thank you for your time and I hope you could help me get on track to support the awareness of epilepsy.

Location: USA

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