Austin Hilterbran & Mom

Austin is 13 years old and has Dravet Syndrome. He began having seizures at age 1, but they progressively got worse and more frequent, regardless of the numerous pharmaceuticals he was prescribed. He has been on the ventilator numerous times due to aspiration, respiratory distress, and status epilepticus.

Originally from Oklahoma, where he was a Purple Ambassador, we have moved to Colorado so he could try cannabis oils. He is doing wonderful – the seizures are greatly reduced and he is healthier and happier than ever.

We are anxious to continue be advocates for learning more about seizures and epilepsy, and learning the first aid procedures for seizures in our Seizure Smart, Epilepsy Aware campaign. Celebrating Purple Power on March 26 but plan on hosting an event next year!

Age Diagnosed: 1 (febrile), 4 (generalized epilepsy), 8 (Lennox Gastaut), 12 (Dravet)
Location: USA

Hobbies: Austin loves music, singing, "playing" guitar, shooting the basketball and playing with his little brothers, mom and dad and our dog, Coco.

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