Apoorva Mahajan

I am Apoorva Mahajan, an electronics engineer from India. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy when I was just 3 months old. I had over a 100 recorded seizures till class one. Post which, medications helped me reduced the seizure count drastically. I now live what I call a Normal+ life, doing whatever a normal person does- driving, working in corporate, excelling at academics and maybe more 🙂

Epilepsy came more like a purpose than an obstacle to me. I now work towards uplifting the lives of many like India, who are fighting similar fights, but might not be as privileged or lucky as me.

Age Diagnosed: 3 months
Location: India
Website: http://www.diaryofavi.com

Hobbies: Classical dancer, tinkering with electronics, reading books and advocating for Epilepsy

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