Antwan Rice

I am a 34 year old Retired Army Veteran. During my last deployment in 2013, I was injured by a in bound mortar round which landed approximately 10 meters in front of me while working out in the gym. The blast wave from the impact blew through my body rendering me unconscious for a few minutes. I was taken to the nearest “Charlie MED” where they informed me that I had a TBI. A few weeks later I was medivac’ed out of theater to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany where my life which has already began to change started to take a physical and emotional turn. I underwent test after test to attempt to figure out why I was going unresponsive both while awake and sleeping (unable to wake me up). About a month later I was sent from Germany to The Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington D.C., where I spent about a week undergoing more test. From there I was sent back to my duty station at Fort Stewart Ga, where my longterm treatment began. Now they say that everything happens for a reason. I landed at Hunter Army Airfield on September 13th 2013 was transferred to Winn Army Hospital and while in transport received a phone call that my daughter was being born in Florida. Although I missed the birth, I was able to be there the very next day to hold my baby girl for the first time.

During the diagnosis stage of this tragic but yet inspiring event, I underwent countless MRI’s, Cat Scans and the dreadful EEG (sleep deprived/24 hour/48 hour/7day). This is when my neurologist got involved and not only diagnosed me with a TBI but also told me that I have what is known as Absence Seizures and Simple Partial Epilepsy. At this very moment I thought my life was over. Adding this emotionally devastating news to my already fragile mind, I contemplated “sucking a bullet out the end of a barrel” many times. With being diagnosed with PTSD as well I didn’t think that I could make it.

The mixture of medications that I was on at this time while they were trying to get it right, had me afraid of my own shadow. I would lock myself in a closet just to avoid life. I would always find myself in a dark room/corner alone. I was having seizures weekly, they took my drivers license, I was truly alone.

It took sometime for them to get things under control. After about a year they finally found a medication regiment which worked. I finally was seizure free as long as maintained the protocol.

I have been seizure free for a year now and I owe all the glory to God himself. I have and I am willing to shared my story with anyone who listens. I should be dead, but there is a reason that I am here.

Age Diagnosed: 32
Location: USA

Hobbies: Musician(Piano) Baking(Pastry Chef)

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