Amie Phillips

I am a single mom of two busy boys that was diagnosed at 28. I was at the park with friends when I had my first grand mal seizure. I had been feeling weird all day and when I finally settled down it happened. They started me off with Topamax but the seizures kept happening. At the time I was in school working on my Bachelor’s in Administration but because of the seizures I missed more and more school. I finally found a neurologist and he put me on medications that slowed the seizures down, but didn’t stop them. I became a hermit and I was ashamed of what was going on with my life. My children were afraid of me and I was depressed. After 6 years of basically going the same medications and still no results, I found a new doctor and my life changed tremendously! She discovered that meds my previous doctor had me on were cancelling each other out and that was why I was still having seizures! She gave me new prescriptions, ran new tests, and asked my family questions. Something my previous doctor never did. Things have turned around and I am doing so much better!! Less seizures, losing weight, happy, and I am working! Things are back to normal, but they never will be and that’s just fine with me! I am ready to spread the word about Epilepsy to let people know that this is real and how it effects the person that has it and the family!

Age Diagnosed: 28
Location: USA

Hobbies: Reading, singing, cooking, video games with my sons, board games, museums, walking, shopping, bowling, football

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