Amy Jumper

I own a hair salon and help raise awareness by hanging MyKaelas’ AKF awareness posters in the window of my shop and laying first aid book marks out for clients to take with them. We also make sure the schools all have an adequate supply. In November we both wear purple ribbons every day, and when asked what it stands for, we gladly explain! Every March we plan an event. Our first year was a balloon launch and in 2014 we held an auction. I’m always asked to give a donation for some type of charity and when doing so I add a flyer, bookmark and info on epilepsy awareness. This helps spread the word and happens more often than twice a year. Look at the map or Ohio to find our plans in Urbana this year!

“I’m so blessed to be able to help such an amazing group of people. We can make a difference and we will!”

Location: Urbana, Ohio, USA

Hobbies: Loves music & doing hair!

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