Epilepsy Awareness, Go Purple! Ghana - Purple Day, Every Day

Epilepsy Awareness, Go Purple! Ghana

March 29, 2018

This event at Kalba DA Schools
will focus on creating awareness and support for epilepsy and people living with epilepsy. We want to make students in the Junior High School of my community become ambassadors of epilepsy awareness and support. This is to reduce stigmatization of such persons which is a problem in this part of the world. They would be taught how to give first aid treatment without fear (since the perception of people here is that you can contract the disease by touching the individual or getting in contact with his/her saliva. Moreover, we would be advocating for a change of mind so as to allow them live a decent live and reduce poverty by been involved in an economic activity. We would invite people with epilepsy, local educationist, politicians, media, health workers and traditional leaders to the event. The cost is 5000 cedis.

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