Mark Richard Adams - Purple Day, Every Day

Mark Richard Adams

Location: United Kingdom

What’s with sharing, anyways? We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – we believe in the power of openness. By sharing your experiences, healthcare can be changed for the better. By attending support meetings you can monitor your health status and make changes accordingly; you can find out you’re not alone, and both patients and organizations can do research based on your real-world experiences. Every single person who attends our meetings contributes to this change. When you share conditions, treatments, and symptoms, you’re sharing information that enables others to learn from you. The way we see it, when everyone shares, everyone benefits.

Things you can learn… How are different treatments working for other members? What side effects have they reported? What are the most common dosages? How many other people have experienced a particular symptom? What are they taking to treat or manage it? How severe is it for them? Who else has a particular type of epilepsy? When did they experience their first symptom? What are some of the most common treatments?

Our branch, with supporters, runs an event each year for Purple Day, Please visit our site at to see photos of these & many other events we have run to raise awareness for those suffering from epilepsy Mark Adams – Chairman Epilepsy Action Bournemouth & Poole Branch

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