Maribel Ramos - Purple Day, Every Day

Maribel Ramos

Age Diagnosed: 12
Location: USA

Hobbies: Soccer, Reading, Netflix

The morning I was returning from a family vacation, I remember having a severe headache and not being able to see clearly. I just ignored it. It was something important because the next thing I remember is a pitch black scene with people screaming and crying my name. When I regained conscience, I was very confused. Immediately when I reached home I was rushed to the hospital. The doctors examined me to figure out what that episode meant. After many tests, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. At the moment, I was upset and confused. I didn’t know what it meant, how it will affect me, or how my life was going to change. As the time went by I realized that this medical condition shouldn’t place a barrier on my life. These monthly seizures didn’t need to alter my whole lifestyle and I didn’t allow it. Although there were mornings that I will wake up in a hospital  not remembering the date, or I’ll be at dinner and then I’ll just drop my glass of water, epilepsy did not change me or nor will ever. I am still the hard working student with high grades who has high aspiration to not epilepsy overcome me.

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