Mariah Beltz - Purple Day, Every Day

Mariah Beltz

Age Diagnosed: 4 days old
Location: USA

I’m 19, I’ve had Epilepsy since I was 4 days old. I think I would make a good ambassador of purple because I’ve done a lot of stuff to raise awareness about epilepsy. When I was in high school, I would show videos of epilepsy awareness, I raised money for the epilepsy foundation by making cupcakes, I’ve raised money for the mitochondrial foundation as well by making cupcakes. On purple day I would always say in morning meeting that it was epilepsy awareness day and on that day i would bring purple ribbons and hand them out to people. I would often send websites about epilepsy to my friends, so they could learn more about it. It’s always been my passion to raise awareness about disabilities and medical conditions. I’ve always loved making people aware of these things and how you should accept everyone for who they are.
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